Custom Inflatable Archways

Elevate your next event!

Our custom designed and manufactured inflatable archways.

Crafted to perfection, our arches are tailored to your specifications, available in a large range of shapes and sizes. Everything you require is included, including blowers. Contact us today to designyour very own custom-made Inflatable Arch and elevate your event to extraordinary heights!. They take around 5-6 weeks for design and delivery anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

With Feet

Allowing stability in windy conditions, and also providing more branding opportunities

With Out Feet

A cheaper option, with ropes to anchor into the ground for stability


Common shapes are square or with cut off corners

Custom Shapes

We can work with you to create what ever design you have in mind

Velcro Panels

Allowing you to swap out branding and sponsor logos for different events

External blowers

Allowing you to either keep them going all day or seal them off

We Spealise in Events!