Logo Design Brief

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The more information I receive at the start of the process the quicker the process will be and the lower to cost for you. Please answer the questions below and submit the form and i will be intouch with you shortly.

Please send any examples of logo or web designs, or anything at all, that you like and would like me to take inspiration from and email them to info@creativepromo.com.au

General Information

Project Description


How do you want to be perceived? Cutting edge? Corporate, personal, creative, friendly, formal?Relaxed and friendly? Stylish? Elegant? Inexpensive and approachable? Any subliminal messages you would like to convey? Create a list of objectives you want to achieve and ones which you wish to avoid.
Detail your primary, secondary and tertiary audiences. Explain if you are looking to consolidate your existing client base or appeal to new markets. Detail any demographic figures about your audience that may be useful to me. These may include age, sex, income, occupation, location.
Who are your main competitors? How do you differ from them? What do they currently do / have that you aspire to?

Design Details

For example, “my logo must have an image of a river”
Please write down any websites or email example images to info@creativepromo.com.au. 3 to 5 would be great. (For example, websites for similar industries or different ones that you like the style of)
For example, Bright colours, earthy colours, blues and purples
Have a look at websites like : https://fonts.google.com/ or https://fonts.adobe.com/ if you want to choose your own font

What not to do

For example “I don’t want the colour red or pictures of the sun”.
Please write down any websites or attach images here. 3 to 5 would be great. For example, websites for similar industries that you don’t like the style of.

Please write down anything that will help me move in the right direction from the start of the design process. This will assit in reducing time required to get it right, and therefore reduce your costs as well. Any direction is helpful!

Do you have a deadline date you require your finished logos by?