Custom Running Shirts + Singlets

We think we supply the best quality custom running shirts and singlets in Australia and New Zealand...

and our clients agree!

Creative Promotion and Products is an Australian and New Zealand Distributor for 2ndSkin. We came across their shirts through a client and asked to be a distributor as we felt there was a lack of good quality, light-weight event shirts in Australia. Owner, Katy Pastoors is a runnerher self and she was sick of receiving heavy, poor quality event shirts and then never being able to wear them again when running in the Gold Coast climate.

2ndSkin fabric is super light-weight and moisture wicking which is perfect for Australian events.

I can help you create individualised silkscreen or sublimation printing on singlets, shirts, long sleeve shirts and polos, as well as cycling jerseys and other teamwear.

Past Clients
Team Tina, Tripink 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2021, Townsville Running Festival 2018 & 2019, Runtribe, Gold Coast Physio, Heart and Soles Running, NTCity2Surf, Orange Tree Plodders, Lysterfield Trail Running, SBS, Thursday Island Running Festival, Ontoit, Bayrun, PunchRunLift, Leggng It, RunLab Revvies, Gold Coast Triathlon, Gold Coast Running Festival, Squadrun, Ungerfit, Seacliff Coasters, Whitsundays Trail Fest, Independant Reserve, Run Against Violence, 2020 & 2021, IMF Virtual Run 2021.

Features of 2ndSkin Fabric


Our Vaporlite fabric is super light weight to weae, perfect for running in hot conditions.

moisture wicking

The active moisture wicking attributes keeps you naturally cooled by increasing sweat evaporation. 


Vaporlite’s unique fabric has a distinctive soft feel against your skin, making it extremely comfortable.

Step 1: Pick a printing method


Minimum order of 30

Silkscreen prints are perfect for larger orders over 30 shirts and print a bright a vibrant solid colour print with a thick ink which is hard wearing and long lasting. Vibrant fluro colours in the base fabric are also available with this option, contact us to find out what fabric is in stock to be used.


Minimum order of 10

Sublimation print is just like regular CMYK printing, but on your shirt. A Full colour print is achievable with multiple colours, which is great for full shirt patterns and logos with multiple colours and patterns. 

Step 2: Pick a fabric

Check at time of ordering what fabric stocks are available.

Consisting of a diamond dotted weave.

A good mid-range fabric that is super light weight and soft, this is our favourite as it isn’t sheer and prints really well in a sublimation print. Check colours below for availability before ordering


Consisting of a rectangular weave pattern.

Still lightweight and but alot less sheer than the other fabrics. It is a favourite of alot of large events as it isn’t sheer and great in all climates. Check colours below for availability before ordering.


An ultra smooth weave.

Ultra is the heaviest of our fabrics, but still great to run in, it is a smooth fabric so great for fine detail printing and a great all round fabric. Check colours below for availability before ordering.

Step 3: Sizing

Step 4: Pricing

PRICING BASED ON AUSTRALIAN PRICES. Contact us for new Zeland pricing.

There has been a recent price change to include new increased pricing for international shipping due to COVID. 

Prices are based on round neck short sleeve shirts or singlets / vests.

Polo collared shirts and long sleeve shirts are an additional $2.40/pc.Prices include shipping to Australia-wide; to one location/address
Prices are based on print blocks within A4 size; sizes larger than A4 incur higher cost of $2.40 per screen.
Prices are based on top end Vaporlite / Vaporskin fabric as shown above
Prices are per piece cost.
Prices are per shirt design, different shirt designs cannot be combined to make the total qty.

Recent designs