Logos + Branding

Your Brand is Intergral to Who Your Potential Customer Perceive Your Business

A detailed design brief is taken
1st Round of a minimum 3-4 logos are presented.
Feedback from client is given on 1st round of designs
2nd round of designs are presented
Feedback is give and small tweaks and alterations are made to complete the logo
Logo specifications sheet and logo files types are supplied

Your logo is your first impression. I can help you create a brand identity that is unique and conveys the feeling you are looking for in your company. Customers see hundreds of logos everyday so you need to stand out from the competition but also give potential customers a feeling of trust and professionalism.

Before i begin designing a logo i take a full logo brief, which you can download below. This helps me get an idea on your main competitors, your key target demographic and how your want your business to be conveyed. Getting a good brief at the start allows me to head in the right direction from the start for your logo.

Next i will design you a minimum of 3-4 unique logos to chose from, then we can make changes to this to get the logo 100% right for you.

Once a logo is approved i will supply you with a logo specifications sheet, which contains all the versions, fonts and colours in your logo, along with your new logo in a variety of formats for signages, print and web.

Download my Logo Brief

My Recent Branding Work