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Custom Designs for Your Team or Race

The latest sweat-wicking technology fabric

Our variety of cool and awesome designs are blended with latest sweat-wicking technology fabric to give you the optimal balance of style and substance. Whether you are training hard for the event of the year, warming up at the start line in the biggest race of your life or just chilling with friends over a cup of coffee, we definitely have something for you. Our exclusive designs are also mated to sportswear that you would be proud to pull on that showcases the results of all your hard workouts.

Customised Designs for your race or team

2ndSkin Clothing also caters to the customization market demand by working with our clients to design and fabricate technical sportswear to their individual needs and personality. As well as being the Australian Distributor, i have also been a graphic designer for over 14 years working with numerous races across the country to design their event logos, race medals and promotional material. I am the designer for Run For Your Life Magazine and obsessed with running! So there is no-one better to design your race or event t-shirts.

Fabric Options


Ultralite. Ultracool. Ultracomfortable.
Technical wear elevated to an all new level of performance. Vaporlite’s unique fabric has a distinctive soft feel against your skin, making it extremely comfortable. Vaporlite’s quick sweat wicking characteristics become more apparent as the competition heats up. Its the final piece to your championship puzzle.

Type: Shirt

Material option: 
100% Microfibre Polyester Ultra Lightweight Breathable


Technology meets comfort. From recovery workouts to hard training days, Vaporskin techwear keeps you on the go. The active moisture wicking attributes keeps you naturally cooled by increasing sweat evaporation. Vaporskin fabric is brushed for a softer finish against skin.

Type: Shirt / Polo

Material option: 
20% Cotton
80% Microfibre Polyester
100% Microfibre Polyester

Printing Options


Silkscreen Print

For Orders Over 30 Shirts
Silkscreen prints are perfect for larger orders over 30 shirts and print a bright a vibrant solid colour print with a thick ink which is hard wearing and long lasting. Vibrant fluro colours are also available with this option. Prices varying depending on how many colours are used and whether the print is front, back and on the sleeves.


Sublimation Print

For Orders Over 10 Shirts
Sublimation print is just like regular CMYK printing, but on your shirt! A Full colour print is achievable with multiple colours, which is great for full shirt patterns and logos with multiple colours and patterns. This is great option for shorter run shirts, but prices can be quite high for runs under 10 pieces.

Some of Our Custom Made Shirts Designed for Our Clients

Some examples of the colours available

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